Why is Socialism a bad word?

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  1. Trent DeJong (@Dryb0nz) September 5, 2013, 9:37 pm

    Many suffer from the illusion that they got to where they are because of their own efforts. (Because I jog, I don’t have cancer. I have this job because I worked hard). There is no such thing as doing it yourself — it’s all a gift. Your first gift was being born in America. That’s a huge advantage that you had no part in. The public infrastructure made it possible for you to . . I could go on an on, but the point is, people who are good at sharing, understand grace, and their response, appropriately, is gratitude. People who don’t understand “socialism” don’t understand grace.

  2. Rassah July 24, 2014, 2:26 pm

    “what I am interested in is why a number of people (a large number it seems) do not want to pay for someone else’s well being? ”

    It’s not that people don’t want to pay for someone else’s well being, it’s that they don’t want someone else to forcibly take their money, and then use some small part of it to pay for someone else’s well being (with the majority of that money going for things like wars – both military and drug, NSA, corporate subsidies, etc.) You are not being charitable by appointing someone to take your neighbors money at the point of a gun to help your other neighbor down the street. And that’s what socialism is: telling someone else to forcibly take someone else’s money, so you can feel good about taking care of the needy, while doing very little actual charity yourself.

    1. A.d.Rowe July 24, 2014, 5:53 pm

      Thanks Rassah. Good points. I agree that having money go to systems I don’t agree with is frustrating (I don’t want to fund a military complex that terrorizes civilians with drones) but I think an active democratic political system is the only way to mitigate this problem. I gladly pay into the general fund when money goes to social programs that serve the community at large and not just my community. I oppose money going to corporate subsidies for companies who pillage our land and try to actively work to change this. Alas, it’s difficult because of low participation in political activism.


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